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“Photography is about freezing a moment in time.  Not only allowing people who were not present to connect with the subjects and events in that moment, but also to allow the subjects to reconnect with themselves.”

This is what made me fall in love with photography when I was 15 years old.  The camera is very honest.  And while this might sound a bit scary, it is actually really wonderful.  Photographs have been such an important tool in connecting us to others around the world allowing a glimpse and even understanding of cultures we’ve never experienced before.  And it acts as a historical document of where we came from.  For me, people have always been my favorite subject.

Other than photography, the two other things that drive me is family and love.  When I shot my first wedding 16 years ago I found my perfect subject matter.  And I am as passionate about it today as I was then.  Documenting the joining of two families and the start of a whole new one is such an amazing opportunity.  These images not only reconnect the two of you over the years, but they will create the connection between you and future generations.  This is why I work so personally with you creating a relationship of trust and understanding to make sure your images are ones you will cherish for a lifetime and are as unique as you.

As for me, I am a passionate story gatherer and a hopeless romantic who is unabashedly in love with my wife and our two sons.  I am also a coffee lover, culinary explorer, and closet sci-fi lover.